Redistributing fabric scraps to Hobbyists. Sewing classes. Students.

We're a small London based group who collect fabric scraps from manufacturers, designers and fashion houses. We then share out the fabric to hobbyists, sewing classes and small businesses who can make use of scraps.

We're all about


For an aesthetically beautiful industry, the fashion world is adding too much pollution. We want to see the materials in the fashion industry being used again and again and again.


Fashion conscious. Reminding the consumer that there is more to fashion than a throw-away bikini and single season items. Teaching consumers how to pro-long the life of their garments and choosing timeless pieces.


Behind the scenes, you’re surrounded by pins, pinches for darts and overactive sewing machine. We want to bring back the desire for good quality long lasting clothing and appreciation for the makers by encouraging sewing lessons.

How It works

We collect fabric from manufacturers, makers and designers and redistribute them. To recycle your fabric scraps or rolls of materials, click on the button below to send us your details, or find out more. 

Good News!

We’ve been shortlisted for the Sustainable City Awards, in the managing resources category.