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Open up a box of textiles with matching accessories, for the curious machinists looking for a cool and quirky piece of fabric. The Fabric Swatch collect tonnes of textile waste from locals in London which are packaged into our Fabric Boxes or used locally (South and East London based) to provide affordable sewing classes and experiences.

If fabric shopping is overwhelming and you’re looking to gift yourself with a new textile, you’ll like this box. Create tiny gifts or experiment on home projects. It’s perfect for facemasks; pillowcases; mini storage sets; squashy toys or children’s clothes. The choice is up to you.

All our textiles are looking for a 2nd home, they are unused, in new condition and want to fulfil their purpose. We ensure all textiles which cannot be resold are safely upcycled through our workshops or recycled through our partners, who put sustainable practices first.

If you’re local, bring your box to our future sewing classes which you can find on our website (due to COVID our physical classes will be restricted and will resume shortly).


This special Fabric Box includes

1.5m of the sea blue fabric, 100% cotton fabric

2 zips

1m of elastic

matching thread



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Fabric composition





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