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We can agree that the fashion and textile industry are guilty for being wasteful.

80% of our clothes end up in landfill. In the UK alone, we're looking at 800,000 tonnes, sitting there for up to 200 years.

We truly believe that fashion conscious consumers are less likely to be wasteful, and what better way to encourage this mindset than by encouraging the use of fabric scraps. 

If your heart breaks each time you’ve thrown another black bag worth of useable excess fabric, we’ll take them off you and put them to use. All fabric is sorted and either passed onto one of our workshops, sold to students at a discount or donated to local schools to encourage textile classes - we've seen a great decline in design subjects being picked up at GCSE level and believe we can all do something about that.

We operate in South and East London at the moment. Don’t worry, we know this is a bigger problem and are working our way to you soon!

If you’re a designer or maker and have too much spare fabric, organise a Fabric Swatch collection. Fill in the form below and someone from the team will be in touch. 

How it works

Gather Your Fabric

Gather your fabric scraps (anything over 20x20cm) and put them in a bag. Separate plains from logo/printed items.


Complete this form and we will get in touch with you to organise collection. We currently only work in London.

A 2nd Home

We have a list of students, sewing schools, NFP and experimenting businesses who will give your fabric a 2nd home.

YOUR Questions Answered


With permission, your fabrics will be reused on community projects, used at one of our workshops, sold to students and hobbiyests or donated to local primary and secondary schools. 

How should I separate my fabric?

Please have 2 bags, if applicable. Clearly label which bags have precious items, such as prints and logos, this bag will not be sold or used for student projects. The second bag is for all reusable materials. Materials in this bag will be used at our workshops, events or resold. 

We are currently working on special Fabric Swatch bags to make this process easier. 

Where do you operate?

We work in South and East London at the moment. Please get in touch with us if you are based outside these areas in London. 

i want to talk to you

We do too, email hello@thefabricswatch.com

Good News!

We’ve been shortlisted for the Sustainable City Awards, in the managing resources category.